Senior Software Engineer (Python)

Job description

A whopping $ 10.5 trillion. That’s the projected annual cost of cybercrime by 2025. We operate in a space where the societal impact is significant: we do what truly matters

So we develop first-in-class cyber security solutions that allow clients to tackle threats sooner, investi-gate deeper, and block cyber predators at the gate. We outmaneuver increasingly sophisticated at-tackers by embedding intelligence at the core® of cyber defense. And we do this for some of the most aggressively targeted organizations out there. Organizations that everyone – you, your friends, your family – should be able to trust unconditionally. Do you want to help build, run, and love those solu-tions? Join us to build our new platform to fulfill our customers threat intelligence, detection, hunting and response needs. A tech job with a profound social impact.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you team up with the best & brightest cybersecurity connoisseurs, fellow ‘hardcore’ techies, and the most knowledgeable product managers this side of the Mississippi. Together, you help build (and run, and love) infinitely scalable threat detection solutions. Solutions that empower cyber threat analysts to spot breaches sooner and investigate deeper. Every day you help shave off that 197 day average response time is a good day. If only because it means sensitive systems and confidential data (including yours, mom’s, pop’s and Boone, the dog’s) have less chance to be pilfered by cretinous charlatans and dastardly deviants.

As our resident snake charmer, you are responsible for developing and maintaining our flagship product, the EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Platform. A platform so ruthlessly effective and shrouded in mystery, the mere mention of it makes hackers question their career choice. You utilize your Python skills and tooling knowledge (think Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery, PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch) to innovate and optimize the platform. Both in the cloud and on customer premises. Good to know: we don’t just work with the STIX and TAXII industry standards; we also build open source libraries for them, which makes the role both more challenging and more rewarding.

This role is remote within the Netherlands.


  • Implement features, annihilate bugs (poof!), and continuously improve the code quality of our Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Perform code reviews, participate in technical design sessions with the rest of the Engineering team
  • Team up with Customer Success to spot, grasp and resolve platform issues
  • Improve application performance, e.g., by conceptualizing and running unit and integration tests. When in doubt, run them again ;-)
  • Collaborate with product management, product design, and tech-leads to build (mostly Search and Graph) solutions that customers love
  • Come up with bright ideas and introduce new tooling and technologies to enhance the platform in any way, shape, or form


  • You bring at least 5 years of coding experience to the table, and feel as much at home in the Python ecosystem as a literal python in the tropics
  • Your code is clean as whistle, readable as our job postings (just kidding) and always substantiated by extensive unit and integration tests
  • You are versed in building server-side applications, and when anyone needs insights on API best building practices, your name comes up
  • You have experience with storing / processing large datasets - knowledge of PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, and message queues is the cherry on your resume
  • You may be a hardcore code-wizard, but you prefer to work your magic as a contributing member of a team
  • Experience with complex data structure and application profiling is a plus