Senior System (DevOps) Engineer

Job description

A whopping $ 10.5 trillion. That’s the projected annual cost of cybercrime by 2025. We operate in a space where the societal impact is significant: we do what truly matters

So we develop first-in-class cyber security solutions that allow clients to tackle threats sooner, investigate deeper, and block cyber predators at the gate. We outmaneuver increasingly sophisticated at-tackers by embedding intelligence at the core® of cyber defense. And we do this for some of the most aggressively targeted organizations out there. Organizations that everyone – you, your friends, your family – should be able to trust unconditionally. Do you want to help build, run, and love those solutions? Join us to build our new platform to fulfill our customers threat intelligence, detection, hunting, and response needs. A tech job with a profound social impact.

As a Senior Devops Engineer, you team up with the best & brightest cybersecurity connoisseurs, fellow ‘hardcore’ techies, and the most knowledgeable product managers this side of the Mississippi. Over here we expect you to be our go-to guru in the field of Linux administration with a general attitude of automation. All day, every day. Our software is built in Python with dependencies on PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch. All of our building and packaging requires a clean, fast and efficient approach and that’s where you come in as our knight in shining Amoer. Just without the sword and shield. Instead, you will be using tooling like Ansible, Packer and Terraform in Gitlab to ship artifacts to our internal and customer-facing repositories.

This role is remote within the Netherlands.


  • Design and work on our packaging and build software;
  • Design and implement software configuration management, manage builds and deploys with a focus on process automation;
  • Provide operational support for our service both on premises and cloud infrastructure;
  • Focus on system-intensive operations like systems optimization and performance testing. When in doubt? Run them again ;-)


  • Motivating stories about your previous experiences as a Devops Engineer, Systems Engineer or Linux Administrator;
  • You bring at least 5 years of relevant experience to the table;
  • You’re the person to talk to regarding Linux System Administration;
  • Demonstrable expertise managing and troubleshooting Linux servers in production;
  • You know your Terraform, Ansible and Packer;

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