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Job description

A whopping $ 10.5 trillion. That’s the projected annual cost of cybercrime by 2025. We operate in a space where the societal impact is significant: we do what truly matters

So we develop first-in-class cyber security solutions that allow clients to tackle threats sooner, investi-gate deeper, and block cyber predators at the gate. We outmaneuver increasingly sophisticated at-tackers by embedding intelligence at the core® of cyber defense. And we do this for some of the most aggressively targeted organizations out there. Organizations that everyone – you, your friends, your family – should be able to trust unconditionally. Do you want to help build, run, and love those solu-tions? Join us to build our new platform to fulfill our customers threat intelligence, detection, hunting and response needs. A tech job with a profound social impact.

As Cloud Architect, you conceptualize and help build the technological foundation of this groundbreaking (new) software product. The stakes are high because while we boast a solid track record of arming defenders at ‘popular’ cyber threat targets, such as leading corporate and governmental organizations, with XDR we aim to facilitate the SMSB domain as well. Threat intelligence, hunting capabilities, and rapid response technologies in a SaaS package for everyone! You assume technological thought leadership in this field, solve complex XDR challenges, and spearhead platform development initiatives that put your Python (PostgreSQL), JavaScript, cloud technology (AWS, Kubernetes), and database knowledge to the test. And, of course, we heartily encourage you to dabble with new tooling as you go along.

We also look to you for inspiration when it comes to building microservices-based architectures, DevOps/CI/CD tooling (like Jenkins and Gitlab), et cetera. While you operate with a healthy dose of autonomy, you won’t travel alone. A team of software engineers is along for the ride (of a lifetime, trust us on that), as are development and architecture teams in Amsterdam and India, including UI, QA, and Customer Success specialists. So if you want to stop cyber threats dead in their tracks and thrive in a multicultural (you can share code brewing and cooking recipes with people from different nationalities) scale-up setting, make your career move and hop aboard.


  • You contribute to the successful delivery of the XDR promise
  • You lead technical initiatives to solve challenging problems, and coach and inspire team members unfettered by HR line management responsibilities
  • You get up close and personal with colleagues in Engineering and Product Management to define and accelerate the product roadmap
  • You design, develop, and continuously improve the product in close cooperation with our teams in Amsterdam and India
  • You assist in troubleshooting more complex and/or elusive customer issues


  • You bring 7+ years of relevant experience to the table, including 5+ years of experience in building large scale (web) applications and 2 years in tech leadership
  • You would name your luxury yachts Python and JavaScript – the loves of your life
  • You have a DevOps mindset, excellent diplomacy skills, and know how to cultivate consensus between departments, teams, and people
  • If you have cybersecurity experience, those shark detecting skills will be a big plus
  • The same goes for a background at product-driven and/or enterprise software companies
  • If you have previously navigated large dataset oceans, that will come in handy. As will Javascript, React, Postgres, Elastic Stack, AWS, and cloud computing expertise


Working with EclecticIQ means an exceptionally challenging and dynamic industry that has a positive impact on the world. We offer a full-time position with a competitive salary, 24 annual holidays and an appealing education budget (including a corporate Coursera account). On top of that, we have a hip, home-like working place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can work with the latest technology and solve interesting problems. We are backed by international investors to build the future together!

About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ is a global threat intelligence, hunting and response technology provider. Its clients are some of the most targeted organizations, globally. To build tomorrow’s defences today, they have to understand the threats against them – and align their efforts and investments to mitigate their risks. EclecticIQ helps governments, large enterprises and service providers manage threat intelligence, create situational awareness and adopt an intelligence-led cybersecurity approach. EclecticIQ extended its focus towards hunting and response with the acquisition of Polylogyx’s endpoint technology in 2020. Founded in 2014, EclecticIQ operates globally with offices across Europe, North America, and via value-add partners.

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